Saturday, October 4, 2008

Window Frames

Here in Aus we have a strong aluminium window frame industry and when you try to add a run of the mill XOX window in ACA you are left pondering. How about a XOX over XXX or maybe a SFS over FFF. Lately I see lots of FFF over FAF or even FFFF over AFFA. Now if any of this nonsense means anything to you then you may benefit from my recent post.
Firstly, you may try using DoorWindowAssemblies but they look different to std windows, you can't add sills and headers the same way and well, they just feel over the top. If you do commercial work then dive in because DWA's are the go but for residential, it just feels that it should be easier. One big ticket item for me is that you can add a manufacturers standard sizes into the window style but you can't do that with a DWA. It just makes it easier to size windows.

The file is posted here. And yes it's the wrong place!! It should have gone in the adt.content.

Now I don't consider these finished but someone asked about this idea and I haven't revisited it for months. So I thought I'd post them and see what you think.
If you have any extra tips to improve it please let me know or if you add some styles we can share with everybody. So check it out and let me know what you think. Hopefully the file itself holds enough info.

ps. wow! I missed September. Thanks for coming back. I finally reinstalled windows, ACA09, etc etc and have my desktop back :-)

The windows are based on Stegbar's Std cat. Sliding windows but they could be adapted for Awning and casement. They will elevate like an OOTB window with arrow for sliding direction. The idea was that you could mistake them for OOTB objects. There is also DWA's in the same file that are along the same lines. But .... the file is a WorkInProgress so excuse the mess!