Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tutorials on AUGI

This link will take you to the latest in a series of tutorials on the AUGI website for Autocad Architecture - this one on 2010 version. They are really designed for the newbie but I often find I pick up or am reminded of a great tip here and there. Also check in the archives for older posts. He recently went thru the basics of creating and displaying walls.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have been a fan of Odin Cary's web site for most of the years I have used ADT and his site is a wealth of information. 

I have often mentioned and linked to his site for various tips and techniques. Whereas some information is by the book and dealing with straight forward tasks, Odin looks beyond to the 'how to' often faced in the real office.  ADT OOTB has basic cabinets made from wall styles but Odin took them alot further to something that can be used to produce even finished construction drawings with little manual drawing.  He showed how to create a downpipe, latticework, various fencing styles from railings.  He taught me the how to create a Layer Key style and overrides, stair displays and the list goes on.  I always appreciated his slant for looking to press the tools beyond their intention.

But after sharing about the roof object with Odin, he let me see inside this storehouse and I found out I was only window shopping.  There is some really great information that would have saved me SO MUCH TIME (and time = $ right!) in the OSMOSIS section.  I had assumed because the gear is in imperial that I would not be able to use it however that's not the case.  And the prices are so low that it's well worth buying something to get access to OSMOSIS.

Just being able to pull the gear apart and learn how he has done things is a big learning curve but if you just want to get on with the job then his kits are a great offer.  Just a drag and drop for construction drawing and render ready cabinets, appliances, fence styles, Door and window styles and even furniture packaged to suit Autocad Architecture.  Sometimes it's just developing more styles that you find Out Of The Box but there are also clever ideas using ACA tools for some thing completely different.

So do yourself a favour and get over to and you WILL find many items of interest.