Monday, March 26, 2012

Roof Object Tips & Secrets Video Series Now on YOUTUBE

After a ridiculously silly time delay I've finally put up a video series on the roof object.
If you are doing residential work I sincerely believe these tricks will make your work a lot easier!

These video's are a must see!!

Here is the link to a separate blog page dedicated to the video's on the Roof Object tool.  
You can watch there or just click on the YOUTUBE video link inside the video itself near the lower left and it will open youtube itself. 
Under the video on youtube is my YouTube Channel with this and other series.
Or here is the link to the Roof Object Playlist  (link fixed)

In the video's I show you not only the basics in using the Roof Object but SECRETS hidden since it was first released.  Some tips from the RO creator himself.  Some even he didn't know!

The basics
  1. How to create a Roof Object from the Ribbon
  2. How to Create a Roof Object from the command line
  3. How to create a Roof Object from a Tool Pallete
  4. How to create your own Roof Object Tool with your own custom properties
  5. How to add Gables different ways
  6. How to alter the slopes of each edge or all.
  7. Projecting a wall to the roof line.

But wait there's more! What are the secrets never told (except here) for the Roof Object

  1. How to add vertices to the Roof Object                                   (yes we can!!)
  2. How to edit the Roof Object after creation.                              (yes we can!!)
  3. How to get the Roof Object to overhang itself.                         (yes we can!!)
  4. Common issues that will have you stuck.
  5. Alternatives to Exploding into dumb roof slabs
  6. Cutting Holes in the Roof Object  (Dormers, Skylights)          (yes we can!!)
  7. Complex Roof assembly like adding a turret to a corner        (yes we can!!)
  8. Easy calculation tools for setting heights/distances right there in the RO tool
  9. Create edge styles for eaves, gables etc.
  10. Some practical samples of complex Roof Object problems.
Do you want to create Renderings of your projects to sell the deal to the client
  1. Creating tools to quickly decorate the Roof Object for rendering.
  2. How to apply materials quickly and efficiently for residential work.
If you have a complex roof that you would like to see done in a video.  Let me know by sending me a link (dropbox?) or you can place a comment with your email (I wont post) and I will email you for contact.  UPDATE: I have now created the above roof in no 14 of the series