Multiple Levels in a single Drawing File Youtube Video Links

It's a lot easier to demonstrate on a video my system of holding multi-level buildings in one file rather than trying to describe it so here you go.  Not all tips presented are specific to my system.  My system could even work within the PN.

My apologies if I waffle!!  I get impatient watching other ACA video's.  I'd love time to do a better & clearer job of it.  Each Video is no more than 10mins.

Please note there is the assumption that you are familiar at a basic level to the processes in ACA.  I'll try to provide links to other great teaching video resources that teach on the basics.  I am really only trying to share my maverick methods to gain you even more productivity in using ACA for residential and small commerical work.

The Title link will take you to YouTube or watch it here by clicking on the video.

1. Introduction. 10mins. What is It. How does it work?
A brief and hurried overview showing the bits that come together to make it happen.

2. Layer Standard and Layer Key Style
My own creation of a Layer Standard (small variation from OOTB) and my Layer Key Style to simplify layers and enable control of levels within the same drawing.

3. Display Representations
Some small alterations to the OOTB DR's to enable a different stair at each level.

4. System
Trying to describe the overall process, how it all comes together.  Using X-ref's to advantage.

5. Elevations
Where to do the elevations?  Same file or X-Ref.  Both possible.

6. Presentation
Using the old Paper Space tabbed sheets! (Yes they are still there). Using Viewports.  Setting level heights.  Entering Project Details quickly.

7. aLive (from the) Model Elevations
The potential for using the model live for elevations for design drawings and presentations and possibly even final drawings. reducing to need to 'update' created elevations by simply viewing the model itself. How then to annotate and dimension?

8. Sheets
Setting up views in viewports in paperspace.  Using fields in your title blocks to automate the filling out sheets, make corrections within seconds across all drawing sheets

9. Sheets (cont.) & Printing / Publishing
Project properties automatically gathered into drawing titles and cover page.  Printing and Publishing and a little about Page Setups.

On to using the Roof Object. (under construction)
On to Materials and Rendering (links coming)