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'How To' for the Autocad for Architecture (Architectural Desktop) 
Roof Object 
If you are familiar with the RO then maybe scroll to the bottom to get info you may have never seen before. If you are new, then work from the first one down to get all the goods on this clever little tool.  Get sensational tips for editing and working with the RO that will overcome seemingly impossible situations.

The RO is a clever self healing tool to create residential roofs and because the paradigm has been to only use it to sketch a basic roof and then convert to slabs, it had not been discovered how clever it really is. Until now.   I hope to share it's hidden secrets with you, show it's abilities and limitations so that you know how far you can push it and when you REALLY do need to convert to roof slabs (for me never). 

Know that the RO has not changed since it's first release in ADT1 (1998).  It has had NO improvement / development since then (except that MassElements improved and MassGroups were added and the RO can be added to a ME as a body modifier - see 8. 9. & 11. below).  

So if you see the potential of what is shown, let Autodesk know that you would like this tool to be updated.  Want these abilities I show to be more transparent? Want to have edge styles? Want to be able to add holes to the RO for real.  Want Automatic Framing?   
Let Autodesk Know!

Watch here below or here's a link to the whole playlist of over 2 hours of amazing FREE tips on YouTube.


1. Roof Object Basics
An introduction of the roof object current info good from ADT1 thru to ACA2013.  

2. Roof Object Gables and Overhangs (SECRET)
Some Gable basics and a hidden over/under hang trick.

3. Roof Object double Gables and overhangs 

Adding points (vertices) to the Roof Object

5. Common Problems with creating the Roof Object
Why does the roof object fail? 
How to create a gable roof with a cut away sloping gutterline.

6. Round & Curved Roofs with the Roof Object
How to get curved roofs and overhangs (itself)

7. Barrel Vault & Concave Roofs with the Roof Object
How to efficiently create a barrel vault roof using the Roof Object.
How to Create concave (or Convex) roofs for verandah's etc.

8. Turret connection pt1
How to use two roof objects, the model explorer and some mighty fine music to efficiently resolve a difficult roof modelling situation.

9. Turret connection pt2
The final of how to use two roof objects, the model explorer and some mighty fine music to efficiently resolve a difficult roof modelling situation.  This tip greatly opens up the possibilities of the Roof Object to be able to resolve a range of designs without the need to explode into individual slabs (slopes/planes).

10. Constant Ridge.
Learn how to keep your ridge line constant while roof edges duck in and out. Learn the inner secrets of the mysterious Roof Object so you have predictable editing and know what to do to quickly reach the shape you want.

11. Cutting Holes in the Roof Object
Can you cut holes in the RO? Well not quite directly but a very easy, reliable method that employs the Model Explorer can be used to excellent effect.  This Technique will make you think you can.  BIG Tribute to Odin Cary at Archidigm who showed this trick back in 2003

12. Dormer Roofs and how to cut holes in the Roof Object.
It would be nice to have some more automatic options in ACA for roofs however I do note with cheaper programs that can construct a more fuller roof that if it doesn't work with every situation you can have difficulty editing later.  With the RO being a primative object in some ways, you can have more flexibility to edit and adjust.

13. Roofs one slope from Ground Floor To Upper Floor.

How to construct a roof where it pitches from the ground floor and continues up and over the 2nd floor so that it is all one roof.  Also tips again on Dormer roofs and a fantastic way to calculate distance/heights required to accurately place dormers etc.

14. Another Difficult Roof example
First I create in seconds a roof a competitor's product takes 10mins to creates on youtube.
Next I recreate the roof from the picture I used in the blog article which presents a number of challenges to the Roof Object - that is unless you know it's 'secrets'

15. Dormer Roofs - some more basic tips.
Is it possible to create your dormer windows using the roof object without converting to slabs. How complex can the RO get?

to come...... let me know if you have an idea.

16. Docorating your Roof Object

17. Using the Roof Object in Construction Drawings.

18. Real World example applications.

19. Some complex roof shapes & weird tricks.