Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ouch!!! Chief Architect Australia get scalped !!

I just need to post something so you know that I am still alive! It's been quite a busy couple of months though I have a number of good articles in the works and some good ideas coming from James I have just not found the time or energy to spend in carefully editing a detailed post but I thought this could be of interest to aussie cadders.

Chief Architect I was surprised to learn had a support team/supplier in Australia but now in the words of the supplier "Chief Architect Inc's USA short sighted management has made the decision that in an effort to support all Chief Architect users 'more efficiently' (?) they will totally eliminate the middle men.. i.e. their remaining commercial Chief Architect dealers acoss the world, before the end of the year.. and have started the ball rolling by terminating the contracts of Gordon McDermott and his dedicated team at BayCAD in New Zealand.. and of course ourselves here at Chief Australia." Read the rest of their web page epitaph here. They don't sound too happy! ...."Only an American company could stoop this low in an effort to save their own skins." Ouch! Them's fighting words.

I came across a small local firm here in Perth that was using CA when I was starting out with ADT. A builder I worked with also bought CA 1997 thinking he could do some of his own drawings but he ended up giving it to me and my kids enjoyed playing with it. It's great how you can very easily get something you could immediately show a client with a walk through, something it would be great if we could do in ACA now 12 years later! Sigh!

Here's a link to a great 'Walk Through' presentation from ArchiCAD's Virtual Building Explorer from a young local team that are doing fantastic things using ArchiCAD. (VBE is a paid for add-on to AC). It's about a 14mb download that allows you to tour the house like you would a 3D game. Sensational. Worth the download.

So when can I do this in ACA? I've just been playing with Design Review 2010 and it's just not up to the standard required. Lighting washes out the materials for my front view, the camera view too narrow to negotiate the internal of the model for a walk through and it's awkward to navigate. It's pretty pathetic in comparison with what I see in the ArchiCAD's VBE.

I have changed work places and am now in a better place of common sense. I have brought ACA into an Autocad, Autosketch, ArchiCAD, chaotic environment and am going thru the phase of standardizing the work practises around ACA. (Heck even with Autocad there is various plot files being used - all custom and none any good) Is that a good idea?? I don't know! ArchiCAD is the prime tool in the residential housing market here (or Autosketch and I'm not going there!!) as it has been well marketed here in Perth. I don't like ArchiCAD.... too messy and proprietory but should I be going Revit? I don't know why I want to spend more money and another 2 years becoming profficient in another package to do what I can already do but it's a different story setting up an office. So I wrestle!! At least with ACA on subscription it's a small step to the Revit Arch suite if they decide on that path in the future. I've spent so much time with ACA and finally comfortable setting up content and standard palletes etc.

Ah! Such is life.

Best to ya!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you posting again Nathan. Wow, the guys at chief architect Oz certainly have a case to be angry. I sure won't be buying it, but Bentley did the same many years ago.

Robin Capper said...

Ouch, that's tough on Au Chief Arch users and the local reps.

Agree with your comments on ADR 2010, never met anyone who found the wheels "intuative" but hope they keep improving it.

Autodesk viewer strategy seems a bit of a mess with ARD, Navis and the Labs mentioned game tech based viewing that has yet to emerge.

As for ACA future, it remains to be seen where that goes but in our market it's basically dead.

Nathan Ellery said...

I think it mentions the NZ crew too. Yes it appears Revit has taken over over there. How about ArchiCAD? Is it strong there? Here in Perth it's very strong in the residential market along with Autosketch. I think Adesk missed a big opportunity there to move people up that Graphisoft grabbed. ADT was so badly marketed and supported by the local resellors (only 2 in Aus).

Robin Capper said...

Can't really comment on ArchiCAD as don't have much to do with it.
Haven't seen an ArchiCAD model, or even 2D output from one, for years. Our projects partners, oten chosen by owners where we are just a tennant, have all been AutoCAD or Revit based.

Anonymous said...

You do realize that yellow text is a plight of the internet. My retinas are bleeding.

Nathan Ellery said...

Yeh, yellow text against the original black background (before changing format) was quite ok but how about I give you a tip for free. Highlight the offending text with your mouse, read and then move on with your life :-)
The idea of editing lots of old posts..... nah!