Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free ADT teaching vid's and other news.

Daryl Gregoire of CadClips has just released his ADT and Autocad video's for free viewing.  Looks like he stopped teaching at version 2008. Not too much has changed since then anyway.   I have had CadClips link on my page for some time so you may have already visited but if not pop over and you can get an online video review of that difficult to grasp concept. 

Perhaps watching someone do it will be the thing that gets it to sink in!  Watch them here

(pssst  you will even see some Revit video's too but you won't here it from me!

Matt Stachoni is a heavy weight in the installation and setup of AutoCAD Architecture and it you have some questions on how to install and where, his guide, available at his new web site aecblog will make a good night time read.  (At the time of posting this it was off-line but come back to it).  I only do single installations so all the network stuff was more than I needed but I enjoyed his hints at how to hack the dialogue boxes.  You know when you have to keep enlarging them EVERYtime and it gets old.

and in some interesting news Dell Not so Swell

Is there any company that's reliable and trustworthy to deliver and full working product anymore?


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