Thursday, May 26, 2016

ACA Roof Object finally gets an update!!

Seeing that I have been too busy (or too lazy and distracted) to make a big noise about this fantastic update I will have to direct you to David Koch's great article on the New and Improved Roof Object.

Not mentioned there, because it occurred in an earlier release (2016 I think) is the ability to add one (yes only one) schedulable property for the roof object.  It's the area of the Roof Object or surface area.  I would prefer plan view area or footprint since that is how the local industry measures and documents it but at least it's something.  If it's useful to you, you will find it in the normal place of adding properties to any aec object.  If you have yet to explore scheduling, well David Koch also has THE collection of information on the Scheduling Features of ACA (ADT). 

If you have missed it (the unveiling of the century) my expose on the Roof Object and everything you didn't know about it,  it is blogged here and on my youtube channel here.
Can't watch youtube?  They are imbedded in a blog page here.

A couple of points on what David shows you.  You can still create more complex roofs than this method will allow.  Sometimes you still have to trim a corner to create an extra vertex. At times when the Roof Object (RO) becomes complex, it refuses to be adjusted.  If this new method fails, you can still TRIM CORNERS for another vertex and you can also use the stretch command over a vertex to get it to move. 

My method now for trimming a corner is using a circle as the trimming device over using a line because it also retains the oiginal point (centre point of the circle using your osnaps). You will see this demonstrated in my video's above.

Anyway, onto David's great blog on my favourite aecObject.


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