Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to Aussie ACA (ADT)

Hi Aussie's Kiwi's and any other metric users from around the world who hopefully will feel welcome to drop in and provide some great tips. I am intending to use this site to promote specifically content relative to what I know of the Aus market place and also to discuss the current state of ACA in Australia.

I don't think I can post files here so I think I'll post in the autodesk.aec.arch-desktop.content newsgroup or possibly on PointA site so that everyone can share.

Content : I have lots of bits & pieces in various stages as I'm sure you all have. Grabbing it from one file & pasting in another is one thing but having it all set up to work together in a system is another thing. As a single user I don't have the benefit of a specialist person just to create & organise content and I know there are many others out there like me. So my philosophy is that if we help each other we can make ACA a more OOTB type experience and get on with the job of designing & building virtual houses, rendering & documenting CD's and enjoying life.

My first task is simply aluminium windows used in abundance but not easy to create and control (unless you know how!).
Below I post a pic. of my window frames, standard window objects so they can include std window sizes available and also able to have a sill or surround added, which you can't do with DWA's. The frame styles have blocks added that will stretch (within std sizes) and behave much like native ACA window objects. Please let me know if you have any great ideas to include here.

Where is ACA going in Aus?

I also want to discuss the current situation in Australia where the two resellers don't seem to have any interest in promoting ACA. Does it have a place here? Does it still have something to offer?

I believe that there are definitely commercial reasons for pushing Revit and not all are necessarily to the benefit of the customer. There are a lot of businesses that with a small outlay on top of their current AutoCAD sub's could be up and running on ACA without the much larger outlay, content and training costs of moving to another program. Then of course there is the well marketed ArchiCAD which has aussie content for $ale. If we as Aussie ACA users help each other we can create a strong reason for others to choose ACA. If not I fear that ausACA is going to disappear. Perhaps if we show the resellers that there is some solid interest in ACA and that it can do the job well, then we will respark their interest in supporting ACA.
----------------Remember : they are a business too.


Dermot said...

Very well done.
Nice & simple, well said & succinct.
I think you should be able to put content up there. Blogger must have a help system there somewhere.
If that deos not work then I suppose you could just put a link straight to the ACA content article where you/we post the Aus content.
I will start thinking about material, I am not at the ADT/ACA level of configuration that you are at, so don't hold your breath.
But I have learnt a lot more in the past few weeks from you.
Cheers Dermot

Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks Dermot, we can all learn from each other! I still want to research the file you sent me with Themes which I still haven;t got to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan, Welcome to the CAD blogosphere!