Monday, February 16, 2009

I've developed a Lisp !

It'th True! I'm slowly (very) developing a lisp. I have finally dived in and started to learn AutoLisp and enjoying learning my first programing language. Ok I did type in a random dice program in basic but that shouldn't count. And yes even VBA has been pushed aside in Autocad 2010 but Autolisp should be here for years to come. I've been trying to reconstruct a useful program that allows you to pick 2 corners of a room and it prints the size in metres in the centre of the room. Great for marketing plans. Turned a functioning program into one that simply delivers "nil". Some work to do!

AUGI is a great resource for learning lisp and has a newsgroup and some great tutorials you can download. Of course there is Adesk's own newsgrops.

I also plan to get my thick head around OpenDCL, an open source version of the programming of the dialogue boxes that you use.

My long term goals in case anyone (anyone?) is interested.

1. Program to facilitate levels within one drawing. Should be fairly simple. Manipulate layers, elevation and display rep. Need to automate text & dims to the appropriate level as well. Got most of it sorted in my head and manually tested and satisfied with outcomes.

2. Program to enable one touch to shuffle a multi-building drawing (either blocks or x-ref's) to a level assigned in a tag and toggle back to 0 elevation. Multiple unit developments on a hill side can't display plan view and create elevations at the same time if cut plane no longer intersects houses at different levels.

Let me know if you are interested, could help me, want to laugh at me or have any comments that could help.

(setq salute "best to ya")
(princ salute)

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