Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lisp on Auto

Hey you gotta check out these couple of posts from a clever Autolisp programmer. Not sure what they can be used for, they don't even look like autocad, but Andrea Andreetti has done some amazing code here in the AUGI newsgroups. Make sure you scroll down and get the latest version he has >>> Dynamic Line Modeller and his Dynamic LineEditor Tool

Follow the links and see this pic come alive.
Here's his website where he has some other great tools.

Thanks for sharing Andrea!


DuctiSoft said...

Hi all.

Thanks for taking time to post this article. ;-)

My new webpage will be available soon.

You will found more of my Dynamic Tools. I hope you will enjoy !

sincerely Andrea Andreetti.

Unknown said...

The official link became

Anonymous said...

you mean...