Thursday, April 8, 2010

Autocad Architecture 2011 is out ...

.... for a couple of weeks+ now, I must have timed it just right and had it downloaded and installed before the US woke up.   In case you missed it you will not receive a DVD in the mail unless you specify it at your subscription site (log on to tick the box).

I will reserve most of my opinion until I put it into production.  There are some helpful reviews, but apart from the small amount of changes to ACA (which I expected) I like what I see.  There are some nice additions to AutoCAD (see review).  PolyLines have finally been updated !!  Rendering has again been overhauled.  Hatching is too (in ACA objects??).

JTB World.
David Koch's Architect's Desktop

Commercial reviews
Imaginit (uk)

Don't forget that ACA is built on Autocad and there are also good reviews that I think offer tools that will be useful in ACA

Cad Panacea
World Access (What the russians think)
Ellen Finklestein
Lynne Allen's Acad 2011 ticks and tips booklet

Futher to that, there has been a couple of useful additions to Design Review (free download) to make it better for walkthroughs for residential work.  They have improved the lighting problems and added a field of view to widen the camera angle.  Whilst welcome they still fall well short of ArchiCAD's virtual building Modeller. The navigation interface is still awkward and liable to embarrass a company executive as he tries to 'walk' through a design.  I have still to download and trial the latest version of Navisworks Freedom (free download) which supposedly offers better tools for walkthroughs. 

Design Review review

Hopefully I might find an AutoDesk product that can work in conjunction with ACA to accomplish this is a professional manner that doesn't leave me embarrased ("ArchiCAD can do that").

Oh and if you missed it, Autodesk thought they'd ask whether they could delete the menu's and toolbars altogether from the Autodesk range.  After the incredible negative reaction to the robbin, they have the audacity to ask this?  Is it hopeful that many will not see it and they can see 'our research shows we can delete it"??  No that's far too cynical!  Anyway, you can log in here and make your comments known either way.  (I wonder if this means the old screen manu is done for?)  As for me I am trying to loose my dependence on pull down menu's without relying too much on the Rabbin.  The keyboard is always quicker and has not changed for a long time.  If you don't want to loose too much productivity every time they change the interface (do you think the ribbum is here forever??) then divorce yourself as much as possible and practical from the interface.

Exitech (uk)


Anonymous said...

Is it a robbin, rabbin or ribbon?

Nathan Ellery said...

ha ha yes it depends on your sense of humour! and I guess your accent and what part of the world you are from.