Saturday, May 22, 2010 update

Have you been back to lately.  I have often linked to his site with it's great teaching tips and spoke about his ready made content and system.  Odin has given fantastic support to the ADT/ACA community both with his teaching and downloadable content.  If you are in the US you may be able to avail his services but for those around the world he has a wealth of in depth information on the web site.

Did I mention that he released his Development Guide, last written for ADT2005 for free download.  Although we have moved on 7 versions since then, many of the base concepts have not changed a great deal and you will find great tips here.

Odin continues to release updates on his excellant content, the latest being an update to his previously released Fences kit for ACA2010/11.  If you are looking to do interior renders or illustrations then his Kitchen & Bathroom Kits could bring great productivty gains with the ready made componants for cabinets, fixtures and fittings ready to drop in and assemble and they are also designed to be used to produce the Construction Documents so you are not double handling, reducing errors. 

He has also released a Furniture Kit, TV's, Garage doors, Fridges, Streets and there are some package deals going where you can save by bulk buying.  Purchasing of a kit also gives you 1 years access to the OSMOSIS learning web site which contains even more indepth information on all sort of things ACA.
A large portion of my knowledge of ACA that has lead to productivity gains has come about from scouring the Archidigm web site so get on over and dig in.


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