Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mult-Levels in 1 File?

Great to have some interest in this idea.  I've sent out files to some. If you haven't given me your email address I can't email you anything OR reply to you!! As you can see no one's email has been published so be confident I will protect your privacy.  I delete your comment rather than post it.   If you've tried to follow my online notes, it may be difficult and I may have missed things (hopefully not).  It's hard to anticipate everything about someone else's setup. 
 If I send you a file you can compare and see how it actually works (and it does) and, if it suits you, use my file for your template.  Feedback is welcome too.  
My intention is community as I like the open source idea.

This 2nd image is 3 storey for which I had to add another 'level' of commands for.

I'm presently working on a split level house which presents more challenges, some which should be simple to resolve and some are resolved because the typical wall style has it's cut plane over-ridden. I'm adding some extra commands to change the Z plane level without changing the Level you are working on so you can have different levels for the same 'Level'.  A 'Level' would correspond to those collection of levels you want viewed in the same plan view.
If you have specific queries feel free to post a comment but it's best I can send you a file to try it out.  If you are using ACA2011, I am sorry but it has BIG problems that will hopefully be addressed but it does significantly negate partially the reasons for Multi-Level in 1 File (rendering & memory issues).  I may post my totally negative blog review on using ACA2011. For the record my great increase in productivity is in using ACA2009.
And also I say again.  I promote this system for residential and small commercial work. Larger projects should really be done with the project navigator or at least X-ref's but I will be intereted to see how large I can get.  As computers increase in capacity, the size of file you can handle increases.
I keep intending to put some tut's on Youtube on the roof object, rendering and materials and this idea.  Now that I've published it I have to do it hey!  So much simpler to watch instead of just read.



giacomo said...

i am quite new to ACA 2011.
I am trying to undesrtand how to do a multilevel building in the same file.

Do you have tutorial regarding this issue?

Thank you

Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks Giacomo. First I'd only recommend this for Residential work and at the moment 2011 is very poor for rendering, one of the main positives for my system - being able to quickly produce a half decent render. I'm sure (hoping) they will fix this in 2012. If you send your email (I won't publish) I will send you a sample file to try out.

Unknown said...

i am quite new to ACA 2011.
I am trying to undesrtand how to render 3d buildings like the ones you have here. Do you have step by step videos on this?

Nathan Ellery said...

I don't but I should! and intend to but time is limited. Hopefully some time in the future I can share some ideas.

Unknown said...

I downloadod all your youtube video on roof & they have been helpful. I use Autocad Architecture 2013 & I need help in finding the roof kits u sed in your video(ACA Roof Object 4).

Nathan Ellery said...

That sounds great. I'm using 13 as well. 14 seemed to have lots of problems for rendering in ACA.
If you post another response with your email I won't post it but will reply privately with the dwg files with the roof samples in it. Maybe I should post them up somewhere for people to grab.

Unknown said...

Will be grateful if u send me those roof kits. I want 2 tel u I watched your your youtube video(ACA Roof Object 15) and I saw how you used the facsia panel. Now how do I create a model with concrete facsia/parapet facsia? Plz I need help on this.

Nathan Ellery said...

I can't send you anything if you don't give me your email! :-)

Unknown said...

First of all I want 2 thank you for everytin u av sent to me. The files have been very helpful. How do you stack a floor on top of another? How do I set up and drawing upper floors like u did in the multi-levels In 1 file(residential) 3D model? It seems it has to do with ex-ref the main floor and then with a less visible first floor you can start floors on the next level. please. I need help on how it works on 3D!!!!