Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MultiLevel In 1 File Series on YouTube

I've uploaded some quickly produced video on my Maverick Method of constructing multiple levels in 1 file.  Done late into the night so I can hear myself fade to a whisper to ensure my wife doesn't spoil my foray into a media career for waking her up!

As well as MY YouTube channel itself I have also a side page here to list the video's available.
The Playlist for this series seems to mess the order up.

At the moment the sample file and lisp is only available by posting a comment here WITH your email (I will NOT publish and have not) and I will email to you.  Perhaps soon I will post them somewhere that you can just grab them anonamously.



Anonymous said...

I like the new look blob Nathan. Glad to see you haven't been forced onto revit as yet. I have and I'm not enjoying it.


Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks James. The look is just selecting options the blog gives you which is great. I don't have to worry too much about it. Sorry you are not enjoying Revit. Some more BIG ideas have snapped into place lately on how to set things up so it would be a shame to have to leave all that knowledge behind as you have had to, to start again! Not sure I could cope with it really and ACA is very productive for us now. I do have some Q's on CWA's so perhaps I should ask you quick before you have forgotten it all!

Unknown said...

Hi nathan,
I would very much like to have a look sample files please.

ant said...

Hi Nathan,

Great video, I am switching or moving up in the world from ACAD vanilla to Architecture. Your videos are very helpful and if possible, could you send me a copy of your sample file and lisp routine.

Musch appreciated,


Nathan Ellery said...

Love to pass the files on but you have to leave an email. That comment won't be posted, ie. it will be deleted so your email will not become public.

MTY said...

Great work i was searching for that for a long time i hope i can get the file that will help me alot in my graduation project plzzz

MTY said...

great work i was searching for it long time ago but nothing i hope i can get this for my graduation project plzzzz

Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks, be good if it was helpful to you however unless you provide an email address I have no idea who you are. I will not publish on the blog, any comment that contains an email address. It will be deleted and I will send you the files.


Incanu7 said...

I'd like to have a look at your sample files and lisp routines if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Nathan Ellery said...

Happy to pass on Incanu7 but I have no way of contacting you. If you leave a message with your email address, I will not publish and can email you the files.