Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Computer hitch

I do have more great posts to put up but I have no start bar and no icons on my pc so it can be a little slow to get around (cntrl-alt-del and use file open to get programs started).  I'm not sure if it relates to my recent upgrade, fan speed, installing a new AV (AVG8.0) or my kids messing on those online gaming sites!  But I have used a boot cd (Ulitmate Boot4WIN) to boot off the CD and be able to check the disk without loading anything on it.  I have restored the network which disappeared and checked for virus's, disappointed that I didn't find any, and hope to be able to be back up and posting again.  I have some great tips from James and plenty more of my own articles to get up there, so hang in there and stay tuned.

If you have specific queries on the wall styles let me know but I hope to post details of how to do them soon.

(And if anyone has specific hints on restoring a desktop please let me know.  My latest take is that my profile is corrupted ut it appears windows normally tells you if that's the case).


Anonymous said...

Check you haven't got a large document file any of the start or taskbar related folders.

I accidentally dropped a 40mb CorelDRAW file into my taskbar qucklinks toolbar with similar results.

Nathan Ellery said...

Thanks Rob, I did find a 3.4mb file in ALL Users start menu so I have deleted that. See what happens on reboot. ATM I am coming to appreciate the windows GUI that I am missing.

David Koch said...

Best of luck getting your system back up and running. I am afraid I am not much use with OS problems. I look forward to reading future posts. (I would blame my kids, too.)

Nathan Ellery said...

What are you saying David? that it might've been me?? Actually could be! After hacking the dialogue boxes for ADT (following Matt's guide) I tried hacking windows explorer (brain freeze-months ago) and I have at least 4 copies. The only one that doesn't work has the original name so that could have confused my profile but why so long after I don't know.