Thursday, August 28, 2008


CAD (or BIM :-) can't be all hard work.
My kids were making their mess all over my Home Office drawing up their castles so I had to go one better.  I love the Edit-In-Place of walls tool to easily add profiles, the ability to use a profile for windows (just turned off the frames) and my beloved roof object (love-hate).  There are circular staircases inside too!  It's great when you don't have to worry about the accuracy of the end product.
This was rendered in ADT6 and munched in PaintShop Pro5 all very quickly of course.
I am trying to render another project in ACA9 but it just disappeared so I tried (again) to apply sp1 but it won't accept my DVD as a valid installation package - go figure!  So I copied the DVD to a folder on the hard drive but it's still "not valid".
Sigh!   I think I'll go back to my castle.

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