Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back To The Wall 2 (Vertical Profiles)

On to the Vertical profile. How can you do this? Profiles are applied along the horizontal plane so they won't work vertically. But you can apply a body modifer. Here's how I did mine. (right click on images and open in other tab).
First I created a curtain wall style (CWA) matching the repetitions of the JH Axon profile, turning off the infill and having mullions of 10w x5 @135mm spacings – an approximation of the Axon profile. I made the frame 0x0 as I didn't want the grooves at the each end. I set the 2ndry grid to fixed number of frames 1 as I want the profile to be continuously

Now that I have created my emulation of the Axon grooves, I line it against my wall (a manual task in isometric) with a componant set to receive the profile. Ensure that the CWA is higher than the wall I want to apply it to. Select the wall, right click – body modifiers – Add. Select the CWA, select the componant to apply to (Cladding-Top), choose subtractive and tick the 'Erase Selected Object' box to remove the CWA. NOW! Don't go and loose your CWA Axon Style, when I said delete it, make sure that you either have one off to the side or stored in a drawing somewhere.
Now you can click on the wall and 'Restore' the body modifier but it won't restore a CWA but a MassElement in the shape of the CWA, so it would be easier to delete the body modifier and start again if you need to edit it, ie lengthen or raise the wall and the BodMod is too short. SO you need to keep the original CWA handy!

If you haven't noticed before, at the bottom of the Properties Pallete are the references to the sweeps, BodMod's and PlanMod's. Click on the 'Worksheet' symbol to open up the sheets where you can remove a modifier or sweep, or alter the mitre angle. Indeed if you applied the sweep or BodMod to the wrong componant you can change it here or if you want to change it from subtractive to additive!
Now if you want to use Exotec or Matrix you can add a horizontal spacing back into your CWA. You could retain your CWA and put it on a non print layer and you can alter your spacing of your panelling thru your CWA. If you retain your CWA, it is your BodMod and if you change your CWA, the BodMod will alter instantly so that might be handy if you are exploring design options.
You can edit the profile of the mullion to create a more complex join say for concrete tilt up wall joins etc. (15mm join and 25mm splay both sides).

TIP: I've used a CWA because they are ideal for repetitive componants. You can use a number of elements, the most common would be the MassElement.

Get the hang of it and it really is quite an effective way to model componant detail. The example I've given is for a simple product but I'm sure you have situations that are more complex where it will do the job. Let me know where you have found a use for it.

Best to ya

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