Friday, June 6, 2008

Rendering schemes & stages.

James sent these images of a project he has been working on. Apart from showing his ascendancy over my own puny Mental Ray skills, they show how you can use display reps to set up different rendering schemes. The Architect does not like showing colour on early concept sketches, wanting the client to only review the design scheme, absent of any colour or material persuasions. James writes "The coloured ones have materials applied, the white ones do not except for glass. The normal materials are linked to my main 'work' display rep, while I have another called 'design development'. In the DD display rep all materials are white except for glass. The reason for this is the critisism I have received from design architects who say I'm applying materials too early, or they don't like the colours etc, so I use the DD display rep until we're all ready for colours and materials. Architects seem to like the 'white cardboard model' look early in the design stage and when we brief the client colours and materials don't become a sticking point.
So I can use all my normal objects styles from day 1 without having to worry about colours and easily switch between 'white' and 'coloured' displays"

You have to check out James' very cool commercial renders here.
James has also passed on some good content that I will be posting (somewhere) for us to share.
Thanks James

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